Chaski Courier & Logistics promises to provide you with the best possible delivery services in the Charlotte Metro area. Our friendly office staff, veteran dispatchers, and uniformed couriers are dedicated to serve you with the best customer service available in the region. Chaski Courier & Logistics offers the best value in reliable quality delivery services in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Hundreds of leading business and organizations regularly depend on their Chaski Courier, knowing that their important documents and packages are always delivered with speed, accuracy, courtesy and care.

Don’t go crazy trying to get it there. Relax and let us handle your deliveries for you. We can deliver literally everything from sensitive bid proposals to the kitchen sink. We offer varied levels of delivery, so for a quote or for more information please call 704-504-5557.


Regular: Pick-up and Deliver within approximately 2.5 hrs.

Rush: Pick-up and Delivery within approximately 1.5 hrs.

Cargo Vans: Available at all levels of service.

White Glove: Our drivers will handle your package with the utmost care and punctuality to ensure that your package is delivered as soon as possible.

Same Day: Delivery will be completed within approximately 4.5 hours.

Box Trucks (16 foot and 24 foot): Scheduled Deliveries Available.


Regular: Pick-up and Deliver in a timely manner.

Rush: The first available courier is dispatched and will be dedicated to the completion of the delivery of your product alone.

Cargo Vans: Available at all levels of service.

Box Truck: Scheduled Deliveries Available.


Cargo Van Deliveries

We specialize in Legal Document delivery and Medical Deliveries for local Medical Services Providers.


For your unique situation.

Quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Box Truck: Scheduled Deliveries Available.

Chaski Courier & Logistics strives to offer some of the most competitive prices. For a quote or more information, please call our office at (704) 504-5557 or email us.